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Dedicated to Our Mission

In order for us as a rural hospital system to be dedicated to providing better quality healthcare at a reasonable cost with access to whoever may need our care we must commit ourselves to a set of beliefs and standards.

As part of that commitment, I believe, it’s important for us to dedicate ourselves to a common mission that best represents what we are trying to achieve. Our mission can be summarized into three very simple words:

Thought, Word, and Deed


Healthcare is a calling of compassion, not a job or just a paycheck. (No matter what you do in our health system) Patients and their families expect us to care for all their needs with compassion. In order for compassion to be real, we all have to commit to our work through our positive attitudes and our thoughts. If we think positively about our work, we align ourselves to our common mission.


But just our thoughts will not help us meet our mission we have to speak with compassion and express dedication in every word we say to our patients and their families as well as each other.  We must speak to each other, our patients and their families with respect and compassion. Only when our thoughts and words are aligned can we begin to act as one, a team cooperating with our providers, patients, and their families to provide the best care and service possible, anywhere!


Finally, there is “Deed”. Our deeds are simply the outward expression of what our thoughts and words really say about us as caregivers and people.  If we do not think and speak what we mean it becomes obvious through our actions or “Deeds”.  If we can all stand together, think, speak and act the way we would want to be thought about, spoken to, and treated we will attain all of our goals.

Thought, Word, & Deed

If you believe as I do that the most important thing we do every day is have compassion for each other and our community then our mission is simple and clear. If we think about what we do with a positive attitude our words will be encouraging and so our deeds that follow will be compassionate and help our patients and their families heal no matter the circumstances of their illness or injury. So, from now on “Thought, Word and Deed” will be the mission and cornerstone of everything we do to help us care for our patients, families and our community with compassion and treat one another with respect and empathy. Frank Avignone, CEO


Patient Satisfaction Goal